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Existence, or why I am here, for me can be interpreted two ways, first being the existential approach laboring with whys and whats of reality while struggling for permission of personal allowances. The second of why I'm here is ego driven. The first point, in my opinion, can be summed up simply that I, as we all are, am derived from space germs hitching a ride on an asteroid colliding with the earth absorbing oxygen and hydrogen. From there single celled freaks evolved eventually into the idiots we are today, blah blah blah…The latter is less maintenance. I am here because I must fulfill my need to express my creativity and I am doing a poor job showcasing it from the piles in my attic. As an artist, as a whole, perspectives range from the annoying, self centered beast of self absorption to the crippling attention hungry, vein of self deprecation. I seem sandwiched somewhere in the middle teetering back and forth as my agenda and audience dictate. I hope my work is an enjoyable, positive and visually inspirational expression to the masses while at no time taken too seriously. Unless someone would like to purchase or commission something from me, then by cracky I’ll take it as serious as you want to get.

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